Remodeling your kitchen, bath or entire house can be a pleasant and rewarding experience if you select your contractor carefully. This checklist will assist you in making an informed decision.


Question Is Your Remodel Contractor Licensed and in Good Standing with the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors?
Interior Trends is a licensed general contractor and has an exceptional rating with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. The Registrar can be reached by telephone at (520) 628-6345.
Their Web site is
Our license number is ROC182722. 
Question Does Your Remodel Contractor Have Verifiable References and a Portfolio of Completed Projects?
Interior Trends encourages clients to review our substantial portfolio, contact our references, and visit our current and completed job sites.
Question Is Your Remodel Contractor Bonded? Does Your Builder Carry Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance?
Interior Trends is bonded and carries both Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance.
Question Does your Remodel Contractor have a track record?
Interior Trends has been in business since 1990 and has more than 160 clients to provide references.
Question Does your Remodel Contractor provide an full circle experience?
Interior Trends provides a full service experience, including conceptual design, engineering, drafting, surveying, permitting, interior design and construction.
Question Does your Remodel Contractor employ its own staff, or does it rely substantially on subcontractors?
Tucson is a very busy place for construction professionals. Interior Trends has a staff of professional craftsmen. Background checks are run on all staff. In addition, the core group of exceptional subcontractors we work with have been with us for many years. All of our craftsmen and subcontractors follow the highest job site standards.
Question Do You Have a Good Rapport With Your Remodel Contractor?
Interior Trends views each project as an opportunity not just to build a room, but to establish a long-term relationship. Today we will add that master suite, and tomorrow we'll remodel your kitchen. Our goal is to combine your vision with our expertise and eventually turn your dream home into a reality! 

Qualify Your Builder